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About Us. Radioshopsupply is the #1 service center in the USA and used to be contracted by Ranger Communications to supply parts and service for there products for over 10 years. RCI, Virage, Voyager, Superstar, Connex, Mirage & Texas Ranger. We have chosen not to supply this service for Ranger Communications any longer due. Many of you know of the large increase in service demand of products over the last several years and we have chosen to better support our customers with new design fixes and upgrades for better performance and durability of such products. We still continue to provide out of warranty repairs of most products to over 400 dealers as we have for decades and now provide that same great service to anyone in need of their radio improved or repaired on Most CB and 10 meter communication products. We service Cobra, Uniden, Midland, President, Galaxy, Connex, General RCI, Mirage and many others.

Ranger Warranty Repair:
If you have a stock Ranger Communications product in need of warranty repair please contact Ranger USA directly and they can help you repair at their new service center possibly for no charge if stock. If you would like to send the unit to us for improvements we most likely can fix the Warranty issue sometimes for no charge and return your radio with improvements beyond normal factory stock repair but we do not cover return shipping as we will not be reimbursed from Ranger to repair and improve your radio. Please fill out the repair form and you will be sent by email an RA # and instructions for shipping the radio to us.  Make sure you write that RA# on the from and include it with your repair as well as a copy of the original sales receipt.

Shipping to Radioshopsupply:
Please enclose the completed Repair Form in the box with your radio. Radioshopsupply recommends double boxing of any communication equipment. Please make sure there is at least 2" of packing material is around the Equipment. If the equipment is damaged in shipment and was not packaged properly most shipping companies insurance will not cover do to improper packaging. 

Shipping from Radioshopsupply: Radioshopsupply, currently has an arrangement with UPS which allows us to ship most orders for delivery in 2-4 business days. Although a large number of orders ship by this method, there are circumstances in which this service is impossible or may be subject to additional charges. If this is the case we will notify you and explain your options. Other non office supply related orders are shipped by one of the following means: DHL, USPS, or FED-X. The level of service will be up to the customer, but we will always select the service carrier that can provide the most cost effective delivery. All international orders will be charged actual freight charges + 10% special handling fee and must be paid for in advance by Paypal, Western Union or other acceptable arrangements. 

Warranty: All products will be covered by the appropriate warranty. Radioshopsupply, will not be held responsible for any damage or costs in excess of original purchase amount. 

Pricing: Radioshopsupply, will pass on decreases in pricing to our customers whenever possible. Sometimes there are increases, so please confirm pricing when ordering. All prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.

Damaged Items: If you receive a shipment and you discover damage, DO NOT OPEN, contact Radioshopsupply, immediately. Do not return merchandise until told to do so. (Authorization is needed and is absolutely necessary) keep all packaging materials including Styrofoam peanuts, inner and outer carton, labeling, etc. for inspection by the carrier without this, your claim may be delayed or completely denied. With shipments properly packaged (as all shipments are) the ultimate responsibility for delivery in good conditions rests with the carrier. 

Returns: In order to maintain lowest possible prices, and due to the fact that returned items cannot be sold as new equipment, Radioshopsupply, is unable to offer free trial or evaluation. "If permitted" an "authorized" return of merchandise for credit only will be subject to a 35% restocking fee. Item must be returned in its original like new condition and its original packing material within 5 days, prepaid with a copy of your purchase invoice and a note describing the reason for return. (Authorization number is needed and is absolutely necessary or the shipment will be refused.)

Sales Tax: An appropriate sales tax will be added to purchases from the following states as required by law: California, Illinois.

Privacy: Radioshopsupply, is committed to the protection of the privacy of its customers and web-site visitors. Currently, our web-site does not automatically capture any personal information identifiable to you, including your e-mail address, unless you specifically give it to us. In order to fulfill your request it will be necessary at times to ask for certain personal information such as your name and address, telephone number or e-mail address. We may use this information to contact you with products or services that you may be interested in purchasing. We do not engage in the practice of selling our customer lists or information to third parties or bulk email known as SPAM. The information we receive from you, our customer, is treated with discretion and respect and we have chosen to limit the use of this information for purposes designed to provide you with product and service information that we believe you will find interesting.

Disclaimer: Your order confirmation is not a contract, but only a record of your willingness to purchase an item at a certain price. After an order is placed, Radioshopsupply will determine whether or not to fulfill the order. and Radioshopsupply may refuse to fill an order for any reason., including, but not limited to, the availability of products or errors in the prices and product descriptions posted on this web site.

Radioshopsupply makes no warranties or representations of any kind, express or implied, as to the operation of this site, or to the information, content, materials, or products included on this site. Without limiting this disclaimer, Radioshopsupply specifically disclaims the accuracy of the advertised prices of the products sold on this site and the accuracy of the descriptions and specifications of those products. To the full extent permitted by law, Radioshopsupply disclaims all warranties, express or implied, including, but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. To the extent Radioshopsupply is found liable to anyone on any legal theory or claim relating in any way to this web site, any such liability shall be limited to the total purchase price actually paid to Radioshopsupply for the product or products giving rise to the Radioshopsupply liability.

This web site and the materials in this web site are provided on an as is basis without warranties of any kind, either express or implied. Radioshopsupply does not represent or warrant that materials in this web-site are accurate, complete, current, reliable, or error free.



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